Tree Farm Relay FAQ

Do you have questions about the Tree Farm Relay? Here are some answers!


Q: In 2006 and 2007, Advanced riders had to do consecutive laps, is that still true?

A: Nope! Now Advanced riders can choose between staggering their laps or doing consecutive laps. This will allow riders to race throughout the day instead of sitting around watching their teammates. Of course, if you want to do consecutive laps, go ahead… could be a good race strategy!

Q: What if I/we don’t have a 4 person team?

A: Come anyway, we’ll have an area set aside where riders can meet up and put together full teams.

Q: Can I race for more than one team?

A: Yes, you can as long as you are racing at separate times for each.

Q: I’ve never raced before, would this be a good race to start with?

A: Definitely, the Tree Farm Relay is beginner friendly, both in style of race and the trail itself.

Q: We’ll be out there for hours! We’ll be famished!

A: We’ll provide water, soft drinks and hot dogs throughout the day for the participants, and grills will be fired up and available for your use. Bring your family out to join you for a barbecue during the race!